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Vote 4 for Solar- Misleading the Public


DO NOT VOTE FOR 1 for Solar in November.

This is misleading legislation backed by FPL to control the flow of energy from individuals using solar on their terms and eliminate Net Metering (which is to LIMIT SOLAR).

In August primaries, vote YES on amendment 4 to SUPPORT SOLAR. And in November, VOTE NO on amendment 1 to SUPPORT SOLAR.

The group "Floridians for Solar Choice" is the legit grassroots group trying to push our solar use forward. "Consumers for Solar Choice" is a facade for groups trying to limit and prevent our renewable energy efforts. Our current FL government is up to its usual antics of deception.

It's crazy how we marketing can fool us and believe that some company's are doing good. That's why it is important to always do your own research, read the fine lines and talk with your peers. Luckily, I received the message above from a fellow activist that was able to spread the awareness through social media outlets.

Politics can be tricky, so know who you are voting for.

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