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Energy Efficient Plumbing

Plumbing is also a large contributor to energy usage. Plumbing systems use pipes, valves, fixtures, tanks, and water heaters that consume energy to function. Here are specific plumbing maintenance or upgrades that homeowners should consider to help make their homes more energy-efficient:

  • Fix any leaks: A leaking or damaged pipe means your system must work harder to do the same job. Fixing leaks immediately is important to ensure your system is operating properly. If your water bill seems to be increasing each month, it could mean you have a leak in your system. Calling a plumber to inspect your system and repair any leaks will help reduce water consumption, and your bill.

  • Unclog drains and pipes: If your drains and pipes are clogged, they aren’t working efficiently. Use screens to catch debris (like hair and food) from going down drains to help prevent clogs.

  • Insulate: Pipes lose heat as they supply hot water to the different areas of a home. If you insulate the pipes, you can reduce the amount of heat lost to the surrounding air. Insulating pipes also helps keep them from freezing and potentially bursting.

  • Upgrade plumbing: If your plumbing is outdated — consider upgrading. There are energy-efficient options like condenser boilers, tankless water heaters, or solar water heaters. Also, plumbing pipes and lines need to be replaced from time to time. If you continually have plumbing issues; it may be time to upgrade the entire system.

  • Upgrade features and features: There are low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets that can help reduce the amount of water usage. There are toilets with dual-flush settings so that you can avoid having to over-flush for liquids, or under-flush for solids.

Making conservative water choices is a great way to cut down on energy use as well — examples include shutting off the water while you are brushing your teeth or washing a dish by hand, not over-watering your lawn, or taking showers instead of baths.


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